Ram Rajaraman

21 April 2022

CHAI Analytics is now Sustainable Innovations

The CHAI Analytics brand is about the intrinsic qualities of our organisation, not just the colours of our logo. We still believe in the philosophy of open data, enabling crowdsourcing of analytics from science, technology and academia to drive game-changing innovation in healthcare. 

As CHAI Analytics we drew our inspiration from industries such as manufacturing and engineering, in which data is openly shared to drive innovation, and we still appreciate the unique challenges that data sharing and privacy pose in the healthcare sector. We’re committed to making this vision a reality.

CHAI Analytics was launched in 2019, and since then we’ve built up some brand equity: we’re proud to say we’ve been around long enough to have gained a degree of recognition within the healthcare community along with being included in Healthcare UK’s ‘25 Ones to Watch’ List. 

Our mission hasn’t changed… but the world has. 

And that’s why we’re rebranding. That’s why we’re innovating. 

That’s why we’re Sustainable Innovations.

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